The Top Three Left-Handed Tennis Players

Rafael Nadal

The only real active player to help make the list, the 30 years old spanish Rafael Nadal has won 14 Slam game titles up to now despite playing within the same era as Roger Federer, who some say is the finest tennis player ever. Nadal is possibly most well-known for his success on clay courts, with more than 160 victories at first glance since 2005. Rafael Nadal is the still on his way to make new records & he is the inspiration for new tennis players.

John McEnroe

McEnroe was probably the most effective gamers from the seventies, with seven Slam game titles to his title. As they might have possessed the very best lefty backhand within the good reputation for tennis, McEnroe is possibly best appreciated for his temper and also the many heated arguments he’d with line idol judges in the game. Additionally to as being a great left-handed player he’s also called Unhealthy Boy of Tennis.

Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors an American tennis player was lucky enough to make 15 Slam title matches and win eight of these. A modern day of some other left-handed tennis great, John McEnroe, the 2 had many famous championship matches against one another throughout their careers. The calm professionalism of Connors demonstrated is the perfect foil for that hot-headed McEnroe making to have an engaging spectacle.