My Life Has Started Up Again Thanks to Racing and My Best Friend

I had been under the weather for a long time last year. My wife had passed away, and then both of my parents died just months later. I spent most of the year in a depressed stupor. My best friend tried to get me to get out of the house for many months, and I refused to until he begged me to go to a Formula One race with him. I thought it would be interesting, but I didn’t want to go at first because I was so depressed. I’m glad that he invited me that day because it really helped me a lot. It helped me to become an interested participant in this world again. We bonded that day and I will always be grateful to him for helping me come back to life.

My wife and I were married for forty years. We didn’t have any children, and that may be part of why we were so close. We only had to look out for one another. She was my everything. When I learned that she had cancer, I just knew that she would not be one of the negative statistics. I felt that she would make it through it, but she didn’t. Months later, my parents passed away thanks to a fiery car crash that was caused by a drunk driver. My parents had always been my biggest supporters, and they meant so much to me. Everything felt like it was over in my life after that.

My best friend and I have been friends since high school. He tried for quite some time to tempt me into going on trips with him, to go to cookouts at his house and a variety of other things. I had no interest. He pushed and pushed to get me to go to the race with him, and I gave in and decided to go with him. The rush and thrills that day made me feel alive again. I found myself wishing that my wife was with us at the race that day, but I knew that she would be glad that I was out and enjoying myself. It was a great day.