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Psychology of Boxers

For centuries, boxing has primarily been viewed as a physical and testosterone filled sport. A sport where physical strength and ruthless egos drive a match and fill seats in an arena. While the brutality of the sport may be what attracts fans, it is the psychology of the sport that truly depicts a great boxer. The mental stamina and toughness of any given boxer can make or break how successful they are on any given day. In the boxing world, this is called, mind management.

Mind management consists of four different areas that help a boxer take control of a match and perfect his overall ability to perform: Calmness under pressure, a ruthless sense of focus, mental toughness and lack of self-blame when things go wrong. In order to be a successful boxer, it is very important to possess all four of these traits. Many boxers underachieve due to built up stress, nervous and anxious feelings and lack of ability to controls their demons. Being able to be calm under pressure may be one of the most important attributes of the mental side of boxing. If a boxer isn’t able to control his or her ability to calm nerves or push aside anxious feeling before a big match, it may affect their ability to keep a clear head and physically perform to the best of his or her ability. Being able to obtain a ruthless sense of focus is the power to counteract negative thoughts and feelings. Opposing boxers will constantly try to intimidate their opponents by getting into their heads and taking their minds off of the match. Mental toughness plays a big role before and after a match. If a boxer loses a big match and isn’t able to overcome the feeling of failure or defeat, it could lead to a downward spiral in future matches to come. This is where lack of self-blame comes in. As a boxer, it is inevitable that one will at some point in their career lose a big match. Those who are able to rise above and work harder will be the much better off than those who take the loss personally.

Boxing Tips

Boxing involves mostly punching and defense. It may not sound very complicated, but training to knock an opponent out requires complication and sweating off those muscles to a huge extent. Here are a few tips to help in training, improve your punch and develop your defense.

  1. While training the most important thing to remember is to drink lots of water. All that sweat that is getting dispensed from your body makes you dehydrated and you will not have the energy to workout. So, stay hydrated.
  2. Make friends and be humble. Do not hesitate to ask anyone for boxing tips. The more you know about another’s technique the more you learn about your weaknesses.
  3. Do not push yourself to the limit from day one. Start from the bottom and increase your capacity one day at a time. Make your training fun and worthwhile. Pushing yourself over the edge could make you quit quickly.
  4. Punch light and sharp! Make your workout more valuable by following these two simple rules. This will allow more bag time and you will also have the energy to do so. Putting a show by breaking a sweat and huffing and puffing will get you nowhere.
  5. Breathe! Most end up holding their breath! Remember to breathe out while punching. Looking at your opponent can be motivating in most angles. Do not look at the floor but watch how your opponent crumbles before your eyes.
  6. Keep hitting and punching no matter what. Let your opponent know that you are no quitter. A boxing speed bag can help while training to punch in a continuous manner. Use your whole body to your advantage. Throw your body at every punch, this way you do not sacrifice any form of power.
  7. Use Short hooks, short rights and short uppercuts combined with long jabs. You earn more time and strength.
  8. Keep calm and throw combo punches of both hard and light order. Always keep your opponent guessing, thinking and wondering what your next move might be.
  9. Utilize the opportunity to land your punches in every part of the body. Keeping his head at bay work on how to encounter the rest of his body.
  10. Always remember, hands high, elbows low and head movement. You will find a lot of boxers moving all around the ring for no reason going off the fight. Focus on your opponent and attack at every given chance avoiding your opponent’s blows at the same time. Using boxing focus mitts can help during training.

Boxing Politics

Boxing is one of the oldest sports there is and as such carries a lot of history, baggage and in some senses, old school ways. When money comes into the equation, there is always going to be unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck or take short cuts.

One thing that I do not still exists in the game today is boxing politics. In this article I will not name any names for the purpose of fairness, balance and objectivity. In a time where the sport is really flourishing again and on is well on its way back to mainstream media for a variety of reasons, including major TV broadcasters investing in the sport again and the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao super fight been made, we are still continuing to see a lot of big fights not getting made – which is highly frustrating. In today’s time you still have promoters quarreling, that hasn’t change. What they quarrel over has though. Back in the day boxers were almost slaves to promoters’ less than fair contracts. That’s all changed now. The promoters work for the fighters today and are more motivated by money than ever, due to arguably there being less money in the business for them compared to what they used to be able to exploit out of boxers years ago.

Professional boxing has always been a money business, but now more so than ever in my opinion. You are seeing new age promoters and managers coming through at the moment, in the time of social media and almost public negotiation. This has been meshed in with a lot of the old school key players’ less than willing nature to accept modern day technologies like social media and the internet. The sport of boxing is going through a lot of changes globally at the moment. Politics will always be there unfortunately, that’s just human nature in any business. But with the way technology and the internet continues to influence the sport and indeed all sport, I believe the transparency of these politics will only continue to be brought to the surface more and more in the coming years. Boxing has no choice but to change due to the many other combat sports products out there embracing new technologies and more importantly – putting on the best fights.

Boxing Gloves

The boxing gloves are considered as the most important accessories for any boxer. These are essential to wear during the game as well as while doing practice. The bare hand fighting provides more harm and damage to the body. The boxing gloves manufacturers are offering comprehensive range of their products. These are specially created collections. These are not designed in the form of the weapon to provide harm to the opponent. These are created as a protecting shield to protect the hands of the boxers during the game. Moreover, these also help in providing impactful blows on the opponent without providing any damage to the hands.

There are basically two types of boxing gloves available in the market. One category is known as lace up gloves while the other is known as velcro gloves. The lace up gloves contains the laces and need assistance to tie the laces. These provide a complete covering for the hands and also provide stability to the players during the game. They protect the hands of the players during the game from any external injury. Another category which is highly demanded among the professional boxers is velcro type. These are wrapped around the wrist. These are considered as more stable as compared to the laced ones. These are developed using synthetic leather or rubber. In inner layer contains the cushioned material which helps in protecting the hands of the players. The boxing gloves manufacturers develop their range using premium grade raw materials. They do so in order to provide excellent quality to the products. Moreover, they also rely heavily on the advanced machinery for stitching. This ensures durability and helps in enhancing the life cycle of the product.