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Tips In Choosing Tennis Venues

When it comes to sports, most individuals think of group sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and even baseball. However, these games cannot be enjoyed if you do not have enough participants. That is why, some individuals opt for sports like tennis. When planning to play tennis, it is important for individuals to look for reliable venues. In this way, they can make simple games into memorable activities. To help, below are some tips you need to consider.


When choosing tennis venues, it is important for individuals to choose the best location. As of now, there are numerous tennis venues individuals can choose from. However, not all venues are situated in accessible locations. Because of this, going to such venues can be difficult. Apart from that, location is important to ensure that you can organize games easily.

Types of tennis court

The next factor that individuals need to consider when searching for tennis venues is the type of tennis court. Tennis courts come in variety of surfaces. These include clay courts, hard courts, grass courts and carpet courts. Not to mention, individuals can also choose from indoor and outdoor courts. Because of this, it is important that you know what court you want to play on. As of now, the most popular tennis courts individuals can easily look for are grass and clay courts. Thus, you need to make sure that you look for venues that can provide you with different types of tennis courts to help you experience better games with your friends or loved ones.

Venue equipment

It is also important for individuals to check venue equipment when searching for tennis venues. In order to play tennis properly and safely, it is important that you play on courts that are equipped with the right materials. In this way, you can experience better gaming. In addition, unexpected injuries can also be prevented. This is possible since some venues are managed by professionals who have completed first aid courses.

Nearby establishment

Finally, it is also best that you check if tennis courts are located near other establishments. Of course, after a playing a wonderful game of tennis, individuals want to relax. And, the best way is to dine in wonderful restaurants. Other than that, individuals can also visit spas to help them relax their muscles. In case that you are planning to do more activities, there are some venues that house different sports activities and even fitness clubs.

The Top Three Left-Handed Tennis Players

Rafael Nadal

The only real active player to help make the list, the 30 years old spanish Rafael Nadal has won 14 Slam game titles up to now despite playing within the same era as Roger Federer, who some say is the finest tennis player ever. Nadal is possibly most well-known for his success on clay courts, with more than 160 victories at first glance since 2005. Rafael Nadal is the still on his way to make new records & he is the inspiration for new tennis players.

John McEnroe

McEnroe was probably the most effective gamers from the seventies, with seven Slam game titles to his title. As they might have possessed the very best lefty backhand within the good reputation for tennis, McEnroe is possibly best appreciated for his temper and also the many heated arguments he’d with line idol judges in the game. Additionally to as being a great left-handed player he’s also called Unhealthy Boy of Tennis.

Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors an American tennis player was lucky enough to make 15 Slam title matches and win eight of these. A modern day of some other left-handed tennis great, John McEnroe, the 2 had many famous championship matches against one another throughout their careers. The calm professionalism of Connors demonstrated is the perfect foil for that hot-headed McEnroe making to have an engaging spectacle.

Advantage Of Playing Tennis

Many children of today’s age are no longer into physical activities. Medical experts are voicing their concern over the alarming rate by which lifestyle diseases like heart disease and diabetes have increased. Apart from eating unhealthy fare, a sedentary lifestyle is being pinpointed by these experts as another of the crucial factors behind this trend. What is even alarming is that this trend is no longer confined among adults. Even young kids are falling prey to these diseases.  If you are a parent and you wish to protect your children from these diseases, it is not merely enough to clean up your family’s diet. It’s even more important to get your family up and moving about by engaging in outdoor activities. Coaxing your young ones to get off the couch and momentarily leave the TV, the tablet and their gaming consoles offers several benefits. Playing in tennis courts, for example, can help a child become physically fit while allowing him to master various motor skills as he learns the rudiments of the game.

As he learns to love the sport and constantly play it, he will be less likely to gain excess weight. According to some studies, active children often grow into adults who have normal weight. Furthermore, other sporting activities such as rugby can help prevent a young child from developing type 2 diabetes. Children who get into physical activities at an early age carry the habit into adulthood. Apart from the physical benefits of outdoor play, children who engage in these activities become less stressed and are less likely to suffer from depression. This is particularly beneficial for children who may be often overburdened at school. Sports also impart several life lessons like discipline and concentration which prove to be valuable in different aspects of life.

Finally, young kids who engage in outdoor activities may develop leadership skills which may benefit them when they become employed or start their own businesses. Kids who regularly engage in sports and outdoor activities are also less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Being a part of a team enhances both their confidence and self-esteem.

Tips For Tennis Coaches

Use these tips as a blueprint for starting your tennis program and then update them every 3 months, so that you can stay on top of your program and also your coaching game. That being said, let’s get cracking!

Develop The Vision.

  • It all starts with you getting a clear vision of what type of tennis program, that you want to build.
  • Picture in your mind, how you want your program to look in 3 years and then in 6 years, down the road.
  • Your vision plan for your program, should be written out and then posted up in your office.

Set Team Goals.

  • At the start of every season, set team goals together with your team.
  • Ask them to take part in the planning and come up with some ideas for your goals for that season.
  • Never lower your goals either.
  • Instead push them to dig deeper and reach those goals.
  • Many coaches set goals, then during the season, they lower them for the players and this is the wrong move to take by coaches.
  • You job is to push them into their greatness and the only way to do that is to, help them develop grit in themselves!

Coach With Passion.

  • The more passionate you are about the game, the better results your team will get from your coaching.
  • My best tennis coaches were all passionate about the game.

There is real authentic power in coaching with passion.

  • It’s so contagious, that many of them will over achieve in their careers with you.
  • I would make that my main coaching theme for every team.
  • Bring passion to practice and bring even more passion to your team matches.
  • The main goal is to have fun with your team!